Agency: Blue Advertising Production: Kay-Oh Productions Director: Ahmed Alaa DOP: Tony Miller Editor: Ahmed Youssri Co-Editor: Hazem Ahmed Colorist: Ahmed Essam
Agency: WT Production: The Film Marshals Director: Mohamed Shaker DOP: Bush Rosefelt VFX & Post production: AROMA Editor: Ahmed Hafez - Yasmine Younis Co-Editor: Mina Magdy Colorist: Ahmed Essam
Agency: King Tut's Playground- KTP Production: Lighthouse Film Director: Hamdalla DOP: Victor Credi Editor: Ahmed Hafez
CHIPSY JOY X Amir Karara Agency: King Tut's Playground- KTP Production Company: Lighthouse Film Director: Hamdalla DOP: Victor Credi Editor: Ahmed Hafez
AROMA collaborated with Circus Cairo Agency & Director Mohamed El Zayat, to create this ad for Bake Rolz latest campaign debuted in 2016.                
AROMA's latest creation; This TVC for El ABD takes you on a imagination filled, magical world of El Abd desserts celebrating El Moled El Nabawy; this Journey was created by AROMA's creative team; Directed by AROMA's leading man Tamer Mortada in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi. This TVC, AROMA's CGI...
AROMA Brought this commercial to air in 10 days after shooting involving a lot of VFX and CGI work..A Team of over 50 artists has worked over the clock to make it happen in the required deadline. Advertising Agency JWT was very Happy as well as Director Tamer ElMahdy The...
This making clip is a show case for the VFX  Crowd Duplication shots filling the satduim for El 3alamy Film, Starring Youssef El Sherif and a number of popular stars.                
One of the most controversial yet most successful films for Director Khalid Youssef. In this clip AROMA shows all VFX & CGI before and after shots.          
Wrapping up 2016, Aroma collaborated with JWT CAIRO & The Film Marshals Productions to produce one of Vodafone's Inspiring and outstanding campaign "4G Launching" AROMA's contribution ranged from editing, Color Grading with the valued assets colorist Ahmed Essam, and Crowd Duplication CGI shots filling in stadium to all VFX Work....